ADR Certification

There is no Washington State regulation or certification of mediators. There are no Washington State minimum requirements for a person to offer mediation services. An attorney has legal training and may or may not be an effective or skilled mediator or arbitrator. A good attorney is not necessarily a good mediator or arbitrator.

Some organizations certify mediators, based on proof of mediation experience and training. The certification criteria differ.

For example, the Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish and Island Counties mediator certification means the person has been trained in the facilitative, co-mediator, style of mediation. The Washington Mediation Association certification is based on type and hours of mediation training, amount of mediator experience, references, other experience and skills in particular subject areas, and compliance with ethical rules of conduct. offers nationally based certification similar to the Washington Mediation Association.

The U.S. Western District Court maintains a list of approved mediators for cases involved in its court. Counties other than Snohomish County Superior Court maintain lists of court-approved mediators. Court approval is different than certification. Each court that maintains lists of approved mediators has different qualifying standards.

ADR Training Opportunities

There are many training opportunities for professionals interested in mediation, arbitration, and other ADR processes. The skills involved in providing mediation, arbitration, and other ADR processes add to the legal training and experience that attorneys have with the conventional adversary legal process.