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Section 1. Number and Term of Trustees: 

A (12) twelve member Board of Trustees shall govern the Snohomish County Bar Association. Each Trustee shall serve a (3) three-year term. No Trustee shall be eligible for more than (3) continuous terms. Four (4) Trustees shall be elected on a rotating basis each year to serve for a term of three (3) years each. The Board of Trustees shall have power to fill the vacancies on the Board until the next regular Trustee election. At that election, the vacancy shall be filled for the un-expired portion of the term in the same manner as described in Article IV, Section 3.

 Section 2. Qualifications of Trustees: 

Any voting member who meets all qualifications set forth in Article 1, Section 1, is eligible for nomination as a Trustee.

 Section 3: Nomination and Balloting for Trustees.

 Nominating Committee:  The Board of Trustees may appoint a committee to nominate voting members for the open Trustee positions for the coming year. In October of each year, voting members may submit written nominations for the open positions of Trustee on forms to be contained in the Association Newsletter. At the time nominations are closed, the Newsletter shall contain a ballot listing all nominees meeting the eligibility requirements.

 The Trustees shall provide for a deadline for return of the ballots. Ballots, which are returned to the Association by the time specified in the balloting notice, shall be counted at a time and place previously announced. Each candidate shall have the right to observe and monitor the ballot counting process in person or by agent. If there are more candidates than vacant positions on the board, then the candidates with highest number of votes shall be elected Trustees. In case of a tie vote, the winner shall be determined at the annual meeting by simple majority vote of members present. There shall be no proxies allowed.

 Section 4. Duties: 

The Trustees shall carry out the purposes of the Association. The Trustee shall be responsible to attend monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees or telephone the Executive Director in advance, requesting he/she be excused. If any Trustee misses (3) three regularly scheduled Board meetings out of (6) six consecutive meetings, the Board, by majority vote, after notice and opportunity to be heard has been provided, may ask the Trustee to resign. If the Board makes such a request, the request shall be deemed to create a vacancy on the Board, and the Trustee shall be removed from the Board. We expect of a Trustee the following: 

  • Be prepared to participate in Board meetings by reading the meeting materials sent with each meeting notice, and following up on tasks assigned at Board meetings;
  • Ensure the financial integrity of the Association through receiving reports from the Treasurer and acting responsibly on fiscal matters;
  • Attend annual planning sessions and participate in developing the Board’s annual work plan;
  • Serve as liaison to at least one committee, attending occasional meetings of the committee, keeping the Board apprised of their work and any problems they may be encountering; and keeping the committee aware of the Board’s work as it affects the committee;

Undertake at least one project per year on behalf of the Board that advances the work of the Association.