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Keeping up your credentials as a practicing attorney becomes easier as a member of your local bar association.  Members receive free access to both live sessions and past recordings of our trainings.  These courses have been cleared by WSBA as qualifying for CLE credit. 

Classes are offered specific to changes in local law, credit requirements (ie an annual ethics class) and are provided by local experts in the field, often judges and commissioners. Our content is designed to enhance your professional knowledge and skills.

Act IDTitleSponsorTypeLocationStartMax Total
The Good, the Bad and the UglySCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15822432000001
Ethics Issues and Conflict of Interest Analysis in a Small CommunitySCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15764544000001
Snohomish County Bar Association Presents "Ethical Review"SCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15755904000003
019 Family Law UpdateSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15740352000002
Snohomish County Bar Association Family Law Section: "Game On-Trial Prep"SCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15716160000001
Estate, Guardianship and TEDRA Litigation Under Title 11 RCWSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15707520000006
Snohomish County Blockbuster Family Law AppealsSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15685920000001
Protection Order DefenseSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15631488000001
Civility and Professionalism: Ethics in the Practice of LawSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15607296000001
Update on SCLSPR 94.04-Local Family Court Rules and FormsSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15583104000001
“Pay or we’ll lock you up” Contempt all you need to knowSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15552864000001
Understanding the Role & Response of Child Protective ServicesSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15528672000001
Client Intake and AssessmentSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15510528000001
Restraining Orders Criminal vs. CivilSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15507936000003
Privacy Rights in Family LawSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15450048000001
Year End EthicsSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15441408000003
Case Law Update in Family LawSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15425856000001
Estate Planning PracticeSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15399072000006
Assessment: The key to understanding your clientSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15371424000001
Case Law UpdateSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15347232000001
Contested Relocations in Parenting PlansSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15316992000001
Child Support Arbitration from the Arbitrator’s PerspectiveSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15292800000001
Challenging Adverse GAL Conclusions in Family LawSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15238368000001
Approval, Review, and Discipline of GALsSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15214176000001
Family Law Cases with Pro Se Litigants - Practical Considerations and Ethical ConcernsSCBALive ActivityEverett, WA15196032000001