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Continuing Legal Education

Keeping up your credentials as a practicing attorney becomes easier as a member of your local bar association.  Members receive free access to past recordings of our CLEs for the remainder of 2024.

CLEs are offered specific to changes in local law, credit requirements (i.e. an annual ethics class) and are provided by local experts in the field, often judges and commissioners. Our content is designed to enhance your professional knowledge and skills.

Upcoming CLEs

Please reach out to Gregory Altringer at to request Zoom link and/or location details.

June 21, 2024 – SKILLS CLINIC: Effectively Working with Support Staff – Patrick Songy – Zoom and In-Person (Approved 2 hr CLE credit) – Here are some questions to figure out if this one will help you. Have you ever:

  1. Missed a deadline because staff did not calendar it properly?
  2. Have staff fail to confirm a hearing?
  3. Struggled with staff members that do not take initiative?
  4. Tried to correct performance issues with staff ineffectively?
  5. Either felt frustration at a staff member’s poor communication or had the same allegations aimed at you?
  6. Struggled to train new staff?
  7. Struggled to bill because you are always dealing with staff members?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this CLE is designed for you.

While management and leadership are not taught in law school, they are essential to a healthy law practice. I developed this program after many, many hours of interviews with paralegals and legal secretaries in King and Snohomish County. This is information that would have made my life WAY easier if I had it as a young lawyer.

This program will give you many of the basic tools to be an effective leader, set standard operating procedures with your time, and will provide ways for you to work with staff on how to improve your processes. You may want to consider watching this with your paralegals in tow.

CLE Bank

Please reach out to Gregory Altringer at to request CLE Link(s) and materials.

Family Law

FLS Skills Clinic: Intersection of Family and Criminal Law (5/20/24) Hosted by FLS President Patrick Songy: Intersection of Criminal Law and Family Law (Featuring Karen Halverson)

Topics to include:
Filing Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases and Time Frame Plus Effect on Family Law Matters
Dos and Dont’s
Understanding What to Do When Client has a DV4 Assault Charge or Worse

FLS – Skills Clinic – Effective GAL Interactions (5/17/24)

Hosted by FLS President Patrick Songy (Featuring: Aimee Trua and Stacie Naczelnik)

Topics to include:
The Nature of Being a GAL
How GAL investigations are conducted
How They Assess Parents
How They View Supplemental Reports and Trial Testimony

FLS Skills Clinic: Discovery Disputes (4/19/24)

Hosted by FLS President Patrick Songy (Judge Patrick Moriarty provides some feedback from the audience)

Topics to include:
Broadly Applicable Principles Governing Areas of Family Law

FLS Skills Clinic: Ex Parte Motions (3/18/24) Part I & II

Hosted by FLS President Patrick Songy (Featuring: Commissioner Soloman Kim).

Topics to include:
The Statutory and Local Rules Governing Immediate Relief
Procedural Requirements (such as notice to other parties)
Principles – Expansion of the Temporary Orders Principles from last session to more accurately assess outcomes in Ex Parte
Practical Guidance

FLS Skills Clinic: Temporary Orders (02/16/24).

Hosted by FLS President Patrick Songy.

Topics to include:
Investigating New Cases
Selecting Evidence
Declaration Drafting
Client Management
Oral Argument

Ethics of Law

Ethics of Cryptocurrency (02/28/2024) hosted by SCBA President Michael Chin of Chin Law Group (Featuring Judge Karen Moore).

Topics to Include:

Is Cryptocurrency a Security?

How is Cryptocurrency Transferred?

How Can One Inherit Cryptocurrency?

How Is Cryptocurrency Evaluated?

How Can Cryptocurrency be Acquired in Discovery?