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Lawyer Referral Service

Do you seek legal advice without contracting an attorney to work for you? 

Please read statements below before engaging our services:

  • The Lawyer Referral Service, provided by the Snohomish County Bar Association, is for the purpose of providing referrals for professionally vetted attorneys that are in good standing with the state bar association. We work with a group of attorneys that practice in over 50 areas of law.
  • The Lawyer Referral Service does not make referrals for clients who need free legal services.
  • The fee to process your consultation request is $35. The fee covers a 30-minute phone consultation with an attorney.
  • The Lawyer Referral Service is ideal for situations where you wish to weigh options, ask questions, and get general legal advice from an attorney in the area of law that matches your situation. 
  • The form below is the first step in requesting a 30-minute consultation. If you need in-person, please indicate this but we cannot guarantee it.
  • Your information is forwarded to the attorney typically on the same business day as you pay the fee, with the consultation usually occurring within three business days.
  • You may choose to hire the attorney after the consultation. These consultations are the attorneys’ public service and are not designed to sell you, their services. We are not able to quote attorney’s fees.
  • If you simply wish to compare rates and read reviews of local attorneys, please see

LRS is not designed for:

  • Help reviewing contracts, forms or other documents, attorneys are ethically bound to such services only under contract
  • Finding representation in an urgent crisis (i.e. court date this week)


A+ for providing a prompt, useful connection to an attorney at a difficult time.

I would highly recommend the Lawyer Referral Service to anyone seeking help in Snohomish County for legal questions.

It was a pleasure to work with the SCBA. They assisted us in a timely manner and were able to refer us to someone who helped address our questions and concerns.

Areas of Law we can’t currently serve:

  • Civil Rights
  • Internet Privacy
  • Labor and Industries/Workers Compensation (except for 3rd party)
  • HIPPAA/Privacy
  • Social Security Medicare
  • Taxation
  • Environmental
  • Landlord (Can help tenants)
  • Crypto/Blockchain
  • Copyright
  • Elder Law
  • Minor Guardianship
  • Animal Rights
  • Special Education

Other Resources:

Moderate Means: (855)-741-6930 provides low-cost legal services for clients of modest means who have a variety of legal issues. Financial and case screening is required to qualify.

Northwest Justice CLEAR: (888)-201-1014 provides volunteer attorneys to provide pro-bono legal services throughout Washington State. Limited intake hours 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., financial and case screening is required to qualify.