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Lawyer Consultation Referral

Do you seek legal advice without contracting an attorney to work for you? 

Please read ALL statements below before engaging our services:

NOTE: Referral requests will be assessed once we have the opportunity to review your information. 

If approved for a consultation, a payment link will be sent to your email. If not, you’ll be contacted by email

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The submission form is located on the bottom-right of this screen.

  • The SCBA is not a law firm, therefore, we’re not able to give legal advice directly.
  • We’re unable to provide pro-bono or low cost attorneys through our referral service.
  • Our attorneys don’t offer document review during these consultations.
  • It can take a few weeks for the consultation to take place, therefore this service is not for emergencies.
  • The fee to process your consultation request is $75. The fee covers a 30-minute phone consultation with an attorney.
  • There is a non-refundable processing fee of $1.32.
  • The Lawyer Consultation Referral is for asking advice. We don’t guarantee the attorney will represent you.
  • If hired, prices are between that attorney and you.
  • If you want to compare rates and read reviews of local attorneys, please see

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the attorney help me with paperwork?

A: The attorney will only help with paperwork if hired after the consultation.

Q: How much will the Attorney’s services cost after the consultation?

A: The attorney’s prices are decided on an individual basis.

Q: Do you have pro-bono or sliding scale attorneys?

A: We don’t have either. It’s best to check with Moderate Means Washington and the Northwest Justice Project for those kinds of legal aid.

Q: Can you waive your $75 fee?

A: We’re unable to waive the $75 fee under any circumstances.

Q: Can you give me a list of attorneys?

A: No. We can’t give out our list of attorneys. We can only give you the information of the attorney to whom you were referred.

Q: Do you speak Spanish?

A: Currently, we don’t and we don’t have Spanish-speaking attorneys.


A+ for providing a prompt, useful connection to an attorney at a difficult time.

I would highly recommend the Lawyer Consultation Referral to anyone seeking help in Snohomish County for legal questions.

It was a pleasure to work with the SCBA. They assisted us in a timely manner and were able to refer us to someone who helped address our questions and concerns.

Areas of Law we can’t currently serve:

  • Civil Rights
  • Internet Privacy
  • Social Security
  • HIPPAA/Privacy
  • Taxation
  • Environmental
  • Landlord/Tenant (Depends on the situation)
  • Crypto/Blockchain
  • Elder Law
  • Animal Rights
  • Special Education
  • Personal Injury (Defendant)

Other Resources:

Moderate Means: (855)-741-6930 provides low-cost legal services for clients of modest means who have a variety of legal issues. Financial and case screening is required to qualify.

Northwest Justice CLEAR: (888)-201-1014 provides volunteer attorneys to provide pro-bono legal services throughout Washington State. Limited intake hours 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., financial and case screening is required to qualify.