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May 2022

In This Issue May Bar Poll – 1 Welcome New Trustees – 3Swearing-In Ceremony – 4Dealing with Market Disruption – 5Make Sure Your Court Reporter is Really a Court Reporter – 7Family Drug Court – 17 SCBA Golf Tournament Save the Date – 19 Commissioner Bar Poll – 20 May… Read More »May 2022

April 2022

In This Issue A Call for Civility Superior Court Judge Cassandra Lopez-Shaw Upcoming CLE, Bar Poll “Technology in the Law” by Marya Noyes Growth in Snohomish County

March 2022

Reflections on moving from attorney to pro tem 1
SCLS 2021 Volunteer the Year winner 1
Family Law CLE calendar 3
“Courts in Crisis” by Marya Noyes 6
Was a Texas attorney poisoned by his paralegal? 8
Volunteer Opportunities 18
Lunch with Judge L Langbehn, WWL 19

February 2022

The “Great Resignation” and the legal field 1
Details on our 2021 Attorney of the Year winner 1
Opportunity for free retention data by NALP 3
The Federal Solution” by Marya Noyes 6
Judge of the Year, a colleagues’ perspective 16
President’s Award, 2021 17
Volunteer Opportunities 16-18

January 2021

In This Issue

  • DEI from the LGBTQ+ perspective
  • Updates from our Customer Service Coordinator
  • Awards and annual meeting
  • “Pandemic Effect” by Marya Noyes
  • Word Search
  • SCBA Expense & Revenue Report
  • 2021 Judicial Evaluation results

December 2021

In This Issue

  • Tips from attorneys on self care
  • Updates from our president on staffing
  • Board openings, awards, and annual meeting
  • “Blue Ocean 2” by Marya Noyes
  • Membership Director job opening
  • 2021 Judicial Evaluation survey

November 2021

In This Issue

  • A tribute to Judge Lucas
  • New mentorship program unveiled
  • “Blue Ocean” by Marya Noyes
  • Recap of 10/7 Attorney Oath ceremony
  • November CLE featuring Judge Kurtz (ret)
  • SCBA is hiring – Customer Service Coordinator

October 2021

In This Issue

  • SCBA Interim Leader Report
  • Eviction Moratorium Update
  • Lawyers Road Review on vacation this month
  • Resources for Landlords and Tenants
  • “Predicting Service Demand” by Marya Noyes
  • 2021 Judicial Review – Yes, it’s that time again

September 2021

In This Issue

  • Golf Tournament Was a Hit! Photos Throughout
  • ProTem Training, see calendar
  • Lawyers Road Review on Vacation This Month
  • High Costs of Justice Denied by Maria Noyes
  • Using a Financial Analyst in Divorce

July 2021

In This Issue

  • Golf Tournament Details and Registration
  • Young Lawyers Events
  • Lawyers Road Review by Pete Patterson
  • Sunk Costs by Maria Noyes
  • Save the Date for Fun Run 8/22